Joel Frykholm, Ph.D.

Department of Media Studies · Stockholm University, Sweden — Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Media and Communication History
  • Media Economics
  • Media Policy and Regulation
  • Media Theory
  • Popular Culture
  • Television and Film

Highlighted publications

Frykholm, J. (2022). Rereading the Swedish Agitation against American Cinema in the 1920s through the Eyes of the US Government. Film History: An International Journal 34(2), 1-34.


Joel Frykholm is Associate Professor of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University. He is author of George Kleine and American Cinema (BFI, 2015) and co-editor (with Marina Dahlquist) of The Institutionalization of Educational Cinema (Indiana University Press, 2019). Current research interests include Swedish cinema history, Swedish contemporary film and television culture, and Swedish responses to the global impact of American popular culture from cinema’s silent era onward.