Jon Manker, M.Sc.

Media Technology · Södertörn University Stockholm, Sweden — Lecturer

Research Areas

  • Games and Play

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2007 onward, game design has been the main professional activity; today at Ion Game Design ( ) and Södertörn University. Previously at Paradox Interactive where I worked on game design and was project lead for their tablet development.
In my research I work on a Ph.D. in affiliation with Linköping University, supervised by Mattias Arvola and co-supervised by Jonas Lindeoth and Martin Jonsson. I also have a lecturer position at Södertörn University. My research focuses on game design, boardgames and prototyping with agile project management in game design. I have studied how prototypes are used by game designers, what design problems they solve and how they function as communication devices. I continuously test observed practices to draw knowledge from experience. At the moment I am looking at the combination of boardgame development/prototyping and Scrum.