Josephine Lau Jessen

Human Geography · Lund University, Sweden — Masters Student

Research Areas

  • Communications Theory
  • Crisis Communication
  • Media Aesthetics
  • Political Communication
  • Science Communication

Ongoing Projects

Inner transformation for a sustainable green development

Urban destruction and development

Environmental experiences


- Environmental film making + science communication -

Josephine Lau Jessen (1994) holds a bachelor in History specialized in Environmental
History from University of Copenhagen and is currently finishing the last year of a Master in Human Ecology at Lund’s University in Sweden. She works with interdisciplinary research moving between
academia, arts, science and the connections beyond them, working mainly with film and
photography as mediums.

In her research, she focuses on the human-environment alienation and highlights the
importance of nature and our relationship with natural cycles. Her artistic work ironizes the
moral boundaries between observation and human intervention in nature and through her
video work and analogue photographs, she invites us to engage and explore new ways of
seeing. Her aim is to inspire people to expand their solidarity and love to their
surroundings by observing and interacting with all senses in their environment. To
rediscover the depth of each organism and sense how they are all connected.