Kristin Clay, M.Sc.

Nordicom · University of Gothenburg, Sweden — Managing Editor

Research Areas

  • Media Audiences
  • Media Organizations
  • Media Production and Innovation

Highlighted publications


M.Sc. in European Studies from the University of Gothenburg (2016–2018)
M.A. in Culture, Communication, and Globalization from Aalborg University (2008–2010)

I am currently responsible for coordinating the publication of academic manuscripts at Nordicom, including peer-reviewed Nordicom Review, the Nordic Journal of Media Studies, Monographs, and Anthologies. I also provide copy editing for these publications.

My research interests include:
– how a discourse of othering and perceptions of east-west intra-EU migration contribute to a logic of coloniality in EU governance;
– how editors can promote inclusivity and diversity;
– and how mentoring and networking can facilitate entry into the labor market for immigrants.