Maria Nilsson, Ph.D.

Department of Media Studies · Stockholm University, Sweden — Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Journalism
  • Media and Communication History
  • Media Production and Innovation

Highlighted publications


Currently Associate Professor and Director of Studies for Journalism at Stockholm University, I have an international research and teaching background and previous journalism experience. B. Sc in Social Work from Stockholm University, Ph. D. (Media and Communication Studies), M. F. A. (English / Nonfiction Writing) and M. A. (Journalism) from the University of Iowa (USA). My research interests--with visual communication and in particular photography as a near-constant focus—include the politics of representation; questions of power, credibility and agency in visual media practices; and visual journalism and journalism in various historical and current contexts. I explored these interests in my dissertation, where I examined photographs as counter-hegemonic interventions in post-authoritarian Spain of the 1970s. My recent research, since returning to Sweden, in 2010, after several years in the United States, focuses primarily on visual journalism in today's changing media landscape. Between 2013 and 2016 I was co-director of "Nyhetsbilden i förändring: En studie i bildjournalistikens utveckling och förutsättningar 1995-2015," a study of photojournalism in the context of digitalization, funded by the Anders Foundation for Media Research and housed at DEMICOM research center of Mid Sweden University.

My current research is concerned with questions regarding professional roles in the journalistic field, the notion of visual expertise, the function of visual imagery in journalism, innovative forms of storytelling, and credibility and truth claims in journalistic and visual practices more broadly.