Marie Grusell, Associate Professor

Department of Journalism, Media and Communication · University of Gothenburg, Sweden — Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Crisis Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Communication


Marie Grusell defended her dissertation in 2008 with the dissertation Advertising - an uninvited guest? The public's perceptions of advertising in the morning press and television. And is currently an associate professor at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, JMG, University of Gothenburg, and associate professor of political communication, DEMICOM at Mid Sweden University.

Her research focuses on strategic communication, especially in the field of political communication. During the 2000s, she has been involved in various studies at all Swedish national elections and has studied strategic political communication in the national and European elections since 2010. She is currently involved in a research project on strategic political communication which is reported in the book "Politik är att vinna”(2022).

She also serves as Chair (chair) in the division for political communication in the international research organization IAMCR (2019-2024). During the period 2022-2024, she is active as a Board member of Mistra Environmental Communication, which is a four-year research program to renew and develop environmental communication so that both research and policy and practice are permeated by a qualified and inclusive understanding of environmental communication.

She has been co-editor of four unique popular science research reports - Snabbtänkt, Euroflections, and Stjärnspäckat - anthologies with short scientific contributions from more than 100 Swedish and international researchers who published shortly after the 2018 parliamentary election and the EU election 2019 and the American election 2020 and Snabbtänkt 2,0 22 in both book form and digital.

In 2021, she was co-editor of the SOM anthology Ingen anledning till oro (?) About the national SOM survey 2020 and the SOM survey about the coronavirus 2020.

Her pedagogical qualifications in the subject of media and communication are very extensive with regard to both subject and learning activities and in terms of teaching hours. In addition, she also has experience in educational development, educational management, and administration. During the period 2015 - 2020, she was director of studies in media and communication science (MKV) at basic and advanced (master) level at JMG.