Riikka Turtiainen, Ph.D.

Department of Digital Culture · University of Turku, Finland — Lecturer

Research Areas

  • Social Media

Ongoing Projects

Highlighted publications

Turtiainen, Riikka (2021). “Dare to Shine”: Megan Rapinoe as the Rebellious Star of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019. In Katherine Dashper (ed.) Gender, Sport and Mega-Events. Volume in the Emerald Studies in Sport and Gender series. Bigley, Emerald, 133–148.

Turtiainen, Riikka (2021) ”Unity in Diversity” – The varying media representations of female Olympic athletes. In Daniel Jackson, Alina Bernstein, Michael Butterworth, Younghan Cho, Danielle Sarver Coombs, Michael Devlin & Chuka Onwumechili (eds.) Olympic and Paralympic Analysis 2020: Mega events, media, and the politics of sport. The University of Texas, Austin.

Turtiainen, Riikka & Friman Usva (2023). Strength over gender? Discussing and presenting the ambivalent female strength in the CrossFit Games 2019. In Brigden, Noelle, Forbis, Melissa M. & Hajtmanek, Rose Katie (eds.) Gender and Power in Strength Sports: Strong As Feminist. London: Routledge (forthcoming).


I work as a university lecturer of digital culture. My doctoral thesis (2012) considered digitalisation of media sports.
My research interests focus on:
- social media and women's sports (e.g. representations of female athletes, harassment, embodiment)
- media sport and equality
- athlete-activists
- online research ethics and methodology