Sune Bechmann Pedersen, Associate Professor

Department of Communication and Media · Lund University, Sweden — Researcher

Research Areas

  • Media and Communication History
  • Television and Film

Highlighted publications

Bechmann Pedersen, S. (2015). Reel Socialism : Making sense of history in Czech and German cinema since 1989. PhD diss. Department of History, Lund university


I am Associate Professor in History and Researcher at Media History, Department of Communication and Media. My current research focuses on international mobility in Cold War Europe, European integration and visual culture. In the project "Holidays behind the Iron Curtain", I study the politics and practices of western tourism to Communist Europe, e.g. in diplomatic negotiations, holiday photography and guidebooks. In previous projects I studied cinema and memories of the communist past in Germany and the Czech Republic.

I am the coordinator of the research platform DigitalHistory@Lund, Reviews Editor of the Journal of Tourism History, co-editor of Tourism and Travel in the Cold War (Routledge 2019) and co-author of The History of the European Travel Commission 1948-2018 (ETC 2018).