Victoria A. E. Kratel, M.A.

Institute for Communication · Kristiania University College, Norway — PhD Fellow

Research Areas

  • Media and Communication History
  • Media Audiences
  • Media Policy and Regulation
  • Media, Information and Communication Technology
  • Social Media

Ongoing Projects

Highlighted publications


Victoria A. E. Kratel is a PhD fellow at the Institute for Communication at Kristiania University College in Oslo. Under the broader lens of intersectional feminism, her research interests encompass human-machine communication, agency theories, and digital disconnection.

Victoria is a member of the research project 'Intrusive Media, Ambivalent Users, and Digital Detox (Digital Disconnection).' In her PhD project, she examines the impact of gender on the ability to seek out media non-use.

Victoria co-chairs the PhD and Young Scholar Network within the Digitox project. Moreover, she has been elected as the Student and Early Career Representative at the Feminist Scholarship Division (FSD) of the International Communication Association (ICA). Additionally, Victoria serves as one of two pre-doc representatives of the interest group 'Media, Public, and Gender' of the German Communication Association (DGPuK).