Human Technology

Human Technology is an interdisciplinary, multiscientific journal focusing on the human aspects of our modern technological world.

Aims and scope: “The journal provides a forum for innovative and original research on timely and relevant topics with the goal of exploring current issues regarding the human dimension of evolving technologies and, then, providing new ideas and effective solutions for addressing the challenges. Focusing on both everyday and professional life, the journal is equally interested in, for example, the social, psychological, educational, cultural, philosophical, cognitive scientific, and communication aspects of human-centered technology. Special attention shall be paid to information and communication technology themes that facilitate and support the holistic human dimension in the future information society. There are no restrictions on the background of authors and published papers will reflect high scientific standards..”

Frequency: N/A

Launched: 2012

Peer reviewed: yes

Open access: yes

Languages: English

Genres: research article, commentary, book review

Book reviews: yes

Publisher: University of Jyväskylä, Finland 

Venue of publication: Jyväskylä

Publication level: N/A

Indexing: N/A