Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidskrift

Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidskrift – the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy (NKT) is a peer-reviewed journal covering the field of cultural policy in the Nordic countries. The journal publishes articles in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and English.

Aims and scope: “The journal is aimed at readers and writers who are active as professionals or researchers working in the field of cultural policy in the Nordic countries. The journal aims at creating a forum for cultural policy research in the Nordic countries and to disseminate relevant cultural policy research and information to audiences in the academic communities, public administrations, cultural institutions, the media and other organisations. The journal also wants to encourage and stimulate debates on issues of cultural policy. Beside scholarly articles on cultural policy, the journal also welcomes reviews, essays, and debate articles written by professionals active in the field of cultural policy.”

Frequency: 2 issues per year

Launched: 2010

Peer reviewed: yes, double-blind review

Open access: yes

Languages: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English

Genres: research article, book review

Length of research articles: 8,000 words (excluding tables, notes and references)

Reference style: Harvard style

Book reviews: yes

Publisher: Centre for Cultural policy Research Cupore, financed by a concitium consisting of several nordic academic institutions

Venue of publication: Helsinki

Publication level: 1 in Norway, 1 in Denmark, 1 in Finland

Indexing: Norart, Google Scholar, Primo Central Index (Ex Libris) / Oria, the Summon Service (ProQuest), Ebsco Discovery Services, WorldCat Lokal (OCLC)

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