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Planning to publish in a Nordic journal? On this page you can find Nordic academic journals publishing original media and communication research in English and Nordic languages. You can also discover magazines communicating about media and communication research to a wider audience. You can filter the list according to your preferences in the banner to the left.

Norsk mediehistorisk tidsskrift

Norsk mediehistorisk tidskrift (Norwegian media-historical journal) is an academic online magazine by the Norwegian media-historical association. The journal publishes articles in Norwegian.

Norsk medietidsskrift

Norsk medietidsskrift (Norwegian media journal) is a peer-reviewed journal in media studies with interdisciplinary breadth. It publishes articles mainly in Norwegian, but also selected works in Swedish, Danish, and English.

Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavian Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that focuses on the languages, cultures and histories of the Nordic region. Articles are published in English.

The Journal of Media Innovations

The Journal of Media Innovations is a peer-reviewed journal that explores changes in media technologies, media policies, organisational structures, media management and production. The journal publishes articles in English.

The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research

The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that examines literacy in a Nordic context. The articles can be written in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Tidsskrift for Medier, Erkendelse og Formidling (MEF)

The Journal of Media, Cognition and Communication (MEF) is a journal of film and media science, philosophy, communication and IT, pedagogy, and rhetoric. It publishes articles in Danish and English.

Vox Publica

Vox Publica is an academic online magazine about democracy and freedom of speech. The magazine publishes articles in Norwegian.


WiderScreen is a Finnish peer-reviewed journal addressing multimedial, digital, and audiovisual media culture. It publishes articles in Finnish and English.