Viden om Literacy

Viden om Literacy was first published in March 2007 as part of the establishment of Nationalt Videncenter for Læsning. Since then, the journal have dealt with themes broadly within the field and always through three perspectives: research, development and practice.

Aims and scope: Viden om Literacy conveys knowledge about literacy in didactic and pedagogical contexts and is aimed at teachers, educators, teacher and pedagogy students, reading tutors and researchers with an interest in the development of literacy. The journal thus disseminates both scientific studies, development work and concrete practice experiences within the field.

Frequency: Twice pr year

Launched: 2007

Peer reviewed: Yes

Open access: Yes

Languages: Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish

Genres: scientific research, development work and concrete practice experiences in the field.

Length of research articles: 7 pages à 2400 characters

Reference style: Check journal for details

Book reviews: N/A

Publisher: Nationalt Videncenter for Læsning

Venue of publication: Copenhagen

Publication level: 1 in Norway

Indexing: N/A