Associations and Networks

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This section collects Nordic researchers' associations and networks related to media and communication research.

Rajapinta: Research Community Focused on Digital Social Sciences

SMiD – The Danish Association for Media Researchers

Sammenslutningen af Medieforskere i Danmark

Society for Cultural Policy Research in Finland

Kulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen seura

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study

Svensk mediehistorisk förening

Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland (SLS)

Text, Talk and Tools (3T) – Scandinavian Interdisciplinary Health Communication Research

The Coordinating Committee for Nordic Studies Abroad (SNU)

Samarbestnämnden för Nordenundervisning i utlandet (SNU)

The Euromedia Research Group

The Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA)

Suomen kasvatustieteellinen seura

The Finnish Society for Research on Adult Education

Aikuiskasvatuksen tutkimusseura

The Society for Cultural Studies in Finland

Kulttuurintutkimuksen seura

The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU)

Train – the Swedish Doctoral Students' Network

WARCnet: Web ARChive Studies Network

World Journalism Education Council (WJEC)

YECREA – Young Scholars Network

The European Communication Research and Education Association’s (ECREA) network for junior and emerging scholars