Webinar: Struggling with Technology – Examining the Case of eHealth

In this webinar we will address the issue of “struggling with technology” by looking specifically at the eHealth sector. We will examine patients’ and health professionals’ use of communication technologies as well as look at data-user relationships.

Webinar: Struggling with technology – Examining the case of eHealth

October 7th, 2021
12:00-12:45, CET

Speakers: Martina S Mahnke, Associate Professor at Roskilde University and Anette Grønning, Associate Professor at Southern University of Denmark

Host: Karin H. Zelano, editor at Nordicom.

Registration: Registration closed.

Got any questions about the registration? E-mail mia.jonsson.lindell@nordicom.gu.se!

Webinar: Struggling with technology – Examining the case of eHealth


Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke is Associate Professor in Digital Humanities at the Faculty of Communication and Arts at Roskilde University. Her research takes place at the crossroad of communication, design and digital technology studies, where she engages in questions related to algorithms, data relations, artificial intelligence and user’s experiences with digital technology. She is furthermore an active member in the DigitalMediaLab. She received her doctoral degree in communication and digital media studies from the University of Erfurt, Germany and her B.A. and M.A. in communication management and PR from the University of Leipzig, Germany. Beyond that, she is professionally educated as a media designer and holds a continuing education degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, USA.

Anette Grønning is an Associate Professor in Media Studies at the Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark. She works with digital conversation and digital messages (e-mail, text messages, chat, snapchat) in different settings, e.g. health, politics, education. She is head of the Danish Research Project “Digital Consultation”, SDU and PI of Digital Health, SDU.

Webinar Lecture

Further reading


  • Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke ‘s webinar slides
  • Anette Grønning’s webinar slides
  • Struggling with Technology: Perspectives on Everyday Life. Nordicom Review 42 (Special Issue 4), 2021
  • A featured article at NordMedia Network: Media Technology in Everyday Life: A Struggle and a Comfort, September 21, 2021
  • A video presentation of the paper “eHealth Platforms as User–data Communication: Examining patients’ struggles with digital health data” by Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke & Mikka Nielsen, 15 December 2020.
  • Materials