Call for Abstracts: The Age of the AI-mage: Conference on Visual Communication for Young Researchers

The Doctoral School of Sociology and Communication Science at Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) invites you to the second online Corvinus Communication Conference (CoCoCo) titled “The Age of the AI-mage: Conference on Visual Communication for Young Researchers” 31 May 2024. This event is intended as a venue for the exchange of ideas of Young Researchers (primarily, but not limited to MA students, PhD students, Postdocs). NO REGISTRATION FEE!

The BBC documentary series, The Age of the Image (2020), in which art historian James Fox discusses the transformative power of images in the modern world, begins with an astonishing fact:  we produce more images per minute, than all the creators during the 19th century. Are we really “image addicts”? When do we cross the borders of authenticity and enter the land of deceit?  Can we, or should we still believe our eyes?

Aim and scope of the conference

To explore the new Pictorial Age of the 21st century, characterized by “AI-maging” artificially constructed visualisations. They range from augmented to faked realities, and influence themes and styles of major genres of visual communication. Please present your research to show how visual communication struggles or thrives in the abundance of new imaging options. 

We invite abstracts on the following themes:

1. Visual communication and post-truth: how deep is deepfake?
2. New visual genres in communication: from corporate identity to social media personas
3. Image and text: art beyond illustration
4. Scientific visualisations: from pretty charts to tools of discovery
5. Artification in fashion communication
6. Visual Storytelling: contemporary take on an ancient genre
7. Constructive reconstructions: how images recreate the past and predict the future
8. New trajectories in 21st century visual communication

Please send us a short abstract (150-200 words) that includes the title, the name of the presenter(s), your affiliation and 5 keywords by 31 March 2023 to the following email address: