Social Media, Crises, and Sustainability Topical Themes at the Doctoral Pre-Conference

The NordMedia23 Doctoral Pre-Conference will bring together 25 doctoral students from the Nordic countries to discuss their ongoing work, with the help of senior discussants from Nordic universities.

This year’s edition of the doctoral pre-conference, which will be held onsite in Bergen on 15 August, received 34 submissions. The 25 selected participants come from Norway (13 students), Sweden (6 students), Finland (3 students), and Denmark (3 students).

Topical issues to be discussed at the pre-conference are, above all, social media platforms, in particular TikTok and YouTube. The working titles show that these will be discussed from the perspectives of regulation, uses, and content:

Studying TikTok Users through the Method of Mobile Data Donation – an Unfiltered Insight into the Use of TikTok

Platform Governance and Content Moderation: A Critical Discourse Analysis of TikTok’s Community Guidelines

YouTube and Rabbit Holes: Are We even Living in the Same Reality? Researching How Norwegian Youth Use YouTube

Construction of a Mediated Community through Cooking Videos on YouTube

The multiple crises that even the Nordic societies have been undergoing during the last years are clearly visible in the choice of topics:

The Infrastructures of Climate Denial: A Hyperlink Mapping of the Swedish “Climate Realist” Media Ecosystem

Impending Apocalypse, Practical Action? Discourses of the Future in Facebook Groups Prepping for Climate Disaster

Fridays for Future as an Alternative Educational Context: Actor-networks, Media Practices, and the Emergence of Citizens of the World in Times of Crises

“How do we communicate a sense of safety?”: Participatory processes to enhance the Swedish Police’s social media communication regarding creating a sense of safety

Sustainability will also be discussed in media and journalistic production:

Financing Schemes of the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and the Production of Social Impact Documentaries

Participatory Filmmaking as a Decolonizing Method

The Class Ceiling in Norwegian Arts Journalism

Moreover, even theoretical contributions, with an intention to conceptualise topical phenomena in media, are included:

The Problem of Pathologization and the Rational Political Subject in Conspiracy Studies – a Call for a Post-structuralist Approach

Introduction to the Manosphere – Contextualising the Manosphere and Its Masculinities

The fourth NordMedia doctoral pre-conference will be organised by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg. Around 20 senior scholars will be invited to give feedback and input to the PhD students’ papers, which will be submitted by 3 July. Participants of the doctoral pre-conference will be allowed to follow the main conference without paying a fee.