A Research Program for Humanists and Social Scientists to Study Challenges in the Nordic Societies

A group of Finnish and Swedish foundations will launch a joint research program in the humanities and social sciences with a special focus on the challenges of Nordic societies.

In their declaration, they say: “Our Nordic countries face a number of societal challenges. Migration movements, conflicts between ethnic groups, polarization between urban and rural areas, the digitalisation of society, climate change and pandemics are examples of phenomena that pose major challenges for humans. The problems are usually global, but they often give rise to diverse transnational, national and local solutions in Nordic societies.”

Against this background, Riksbankens Jubileumfond, the Swedish Literary Society in Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation and the Brita Maria Renlund Memorial Foundation have taken the initiative for this research program.

– Humanists and social scientists have a special task when it comes to increasing the understanding and handling of the many challenges we are facing. Humanists and social scientists offer critical analyzes of and perspectives on societal challenges that can be transformed into constructive decisions about the future and thereby benefit society. At the same time, societal challenges are often so complex in nature that collaboration with other fields of science may be necessary to achieve success, the representatives of the foundations suggest.

More detailed information about the research program and the forthcoming announcement of research funding will be announced later in the autumn of 2020. The call will open on 1 January 2021 and run until 15 February 2021.

Photo: Scandinav