Norwegian-Danish Cooperation with New PhD Course

Two research groups in Norway and Denmark are joining forces to provide a PhD course in audience studies and media use research.

Bergen Media Use Research Group (at the University of Bergen) and Audiences and Mediated Life (at Roskilde University) are collaborating to provide a yearly PhD course. In 2020 and 2021, courses had to turn digital due to the pandemic, but this year, they are planning for a physical event in Bergen. While the former versions of the course have explored various thematic and theoretical discussions, this year’s course also focuses on methods, reflecting upon different ethnographic approaches to understand media in the lifeworld of users.

Previous courses, hosted in Roskilde and Bergen, have had about 20–30 participants, and the hosts hope for the same amount of eager students in this year’s course. The lecturers of 2022 naturally come from Denmark and Norway, but also the UK.

“We are excited to have excellent guest lecturers, including Internet ethnography expert Christine Hine from the University of Surrey and digital anthropologist Karen Waltorp from the University of Copenhagen. We look forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration with our colleagues in Roskilde, with Jannie Møller Hartley and Chris Peters coming to Bergen to teach in the course”, says course responsible professor Brita Ytre-Arne.

The course, which takes place in June 2022, is intended for PhD candidates in media and communications and related fields, interested in understanding the meanings of media in lifeworlds and social contexts, in digital and datafied societies. It has an application deadline of 1 March 2022.

Photo by Dylan Gillis via Unsplash.