Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development and Social Change

Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development and Social Change

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We are looking for 

Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development and Social Change at the Faculty of Culture and Society, the School of Arts and Communication (K3).

Work duties 

As senior lecturer in Communication for Development and Social Change your basic terms of employment comprise teaching (70%), conducting research (20 %) and general administrative duties (10 %). Raising external research funding and additional duties at MAU, can change those terms, but an active involvement in pedagogical work is expected.

The position involves independent on campus and online/hybrid teaching, grading, course management as well as supervision and examination of master’s theses, educational development work. Collaboration with external stakeholders, international research partners and the wider society. This position involves teaching for the MA in Communication for Development and the MA in Culture and Change, and possibly other programs at K3 and across faculty. 


A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise and been awarded a PhD or has the corresponding research competence or some other professional expertise that is of value in view of the subject matter of the post and the duties that it will involve, shall be qualified for employment as senior lecturer. 

A teacher at Malmö University is expected to have university teacher training corresponding to at least 15 credits, or corresponding formal university teacher training, which is determined through validation. New staff members lacking this training must, within the scope of their appointment, commence such training within one year of assuming their position.  

In addition to formal competence, University employees must possess the personal capacities necessary to perform the duties of the position well and to represent the University in the best possible way. 

Since Swedish is the official language at Malmö University, all employees are expected to learn basic Swedish within a two-year timeframe.

Specific requirements for this position: 

  • Completed PhD degree in a subject of relevance to Communication for Development and Social Change.
  • Research profile in Communication for Development and Social Change
  • Experience with conducting fieldwork internationally
  • A high level of proficiency to teach, research and communicate in English
  • Good communication and collaboration skills

The following would be of benefit for the position: 

  • Experience in teaching and working in an online, blended learning environment
  • Knowledge of media theories and practices in the context of humanitarian or development communication in a historical as well as a contemporary perspective
  • Practical media production skills
  • Experience in working with different cultural artefacts and practices
  • Theoretical knowledge in the field of critical and cultural theory
  • Experience in external fundraising
  • Proficiency in Swedish or other languages e.g. Spanish, French, and Arabic

All qualifications and skills must be accompanied with supportive documentation in the application.

Assessment criteria 

The assessment criteria for appointment as a Senior Lecturer shall be the degree of the expertise required as a qualification for employment. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of other qualifying criteria (Chapter 4, Section 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance). 

A Senior Lecturer must be established within their scientific field, taking into account the nature and tradition of the subject specialisation. 

A Senior Lecturer must demonstrate: 

  • Documented competence in their field 
  • Documented ability to communicate and collaborate with actors in other parts of society with a clear connection to education and research 

Teaching expertise relates to: 

  • Documented ability to carry out and lead education using various teaching methods within higher education 
  • Documented experience in pedagogical development work and a reflective presentation of their own pedagogical outlook and practices 
  • Documented ability to link research and education with regards to both content and teaching 

Scientific proficiency relates to: 

  • Documented ability to independently conduct research of a high quality 
  • Research within fields relevant to the appointment in question 
  • Active participation in the scientific community 

Faculty, Department and Research environment 


As Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development and Social Change you will be based at the School of Arts and Communication which is part of the Faculty of Culture and Society. This faculty is a multidisciplinary faculty that includes the School of Arts and Communication, the Department of Global Political Studies and the Department of Urban Studies. Read more about the Faculty of Culture and Society here.


School of Arts and Communication, also known by its acronym K3 (after the Swedish name Konst, Kultur och Kommunikation) has approximately 100 faculty members and 1,200 students and offers cross-disciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate education in the fields of media, design and cultural studies. We combine creative, collaborative, and critical research and education with public engagement. We offer a broad research and educational collaborations in an environment that received highest recognition in ERA19 research evaluation. At K3, we combine traditional scholarship and academic knowledge with artistic methods and practical skills. In our teaching and research, art, technology, design and communication converge in new and innovative ways. Read more about K3, including about our education, collaboration and research directions here.  

Communication for Development

One of the first and most advanced online learning programs in the field of Communication for Development and Social Change is the MA in Communication for Development (initiated in the year 2000) educating over 100 global students every year. The MA program team has developed, pioneered and improved a unique pedagogical concept, the Glocal Classroom, to establish a virtual global learning community with bases around the world. External international evaluations have confirmed its high pedagogical quality. Within the Media and Communication Unit of about 25 researchers and teachers, a core ComDev team of about 5 staff teach, research, communicate with students and stakeholders worldwide. Our ComDev scholars are actively participating in externally funded and internal research networks.

Further information 

Marie Öhman, Head of Department K3,

Charlotte Asbjørn Sörensen, Head of Media & Communication Unit,

For general employment and procedural questions, contact HR specialist Elin Tegnestedt,

In our recruitment work, Malmö University has taken a stand regarding recruitment channels and marketing. We therefore decline all offers of advertising and recruitment assistance in connection with this advertisement. 

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You apply for this position via Malmö University’s recruitment system by clicking on the “Apply” button. As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is completed in accordance with the job advertisement, and that it is submitted to the University no later than 2024-02-15. The application must be written in Swedish, English or any of the Nordic languages. As an applicant, you are responsible for the application and its appendices being translated. 

According to Malmö University’s qualifications portfolio, the application must include: 

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Documentation of pedagogical expertise incl. the pedagogical work to be considered (maximum five). The pedagogical works are uploaded on selection question 6. 
  • Documentation of scientific expertise incl. the primary scientific work to be considered (maximum five). The scientific works are uploaded on selection question 7. 
  • Professional/clinical experience (if applicable) 
  • Documentation of leadership and administrative expertise (if applicable) 

The application must also include: 

  • Copies of degree certificates and other relevant certificates 
  • A brief account of research, teaching and other activities relevant to the position to which the application pertains, including a description of how the applicant envisions their future research and teaching 

The rules for appointment of teaching staff at Malmö University are regulated in the Appointment Rules at Malmö University. 

Merits and qualifications must be documented according to Qualifications portfolio for lecturers/researchers at Malmö University 

Application documents 

We accept application documents digitally. Physical documents are accepted only in exceptional cases. Contact if you have books and any other documents that cannot be sent electronically. 


This is a permanent full-time position. A probationary period of 6 months will apply.

Malmö University is a workplace and higher education institution that is characterised by an open and inclusive approach, where gender equality and equal terms add value to our activities. 

Malmö University applies individual salary setting. 

 According to the working time agreement, senior lecturers have at least 20 percent time for their own research within the employment. The content of the duties as well as the distribution between research, teaching and administration may change over time.  

Start date 

15 August 2024 or by earliest convenience and agreement.

Union representatives 

SACO-S, Rebecka Johansson,

OFR, Martin Reissner,

We are looking forward to receiving your application!