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They are Here, They are There, They are Everywhere: Data, Data, Data…

We used to be told that we live in a media-saturated world. True as this may be, today’s is also data saturated. Johannes Bjerling, editor of Nordicom Review, discusses datafication in the Nordic welfare societies with Rikke Andreassen, Anne Kaun, and Kaarina Nikunen. 

Professor Helle Sjøvaag Shares Her Publishing Tips

The professor of journalism has been one of those who has published the most research articles at the University of Stavanger. Read how she keeps up with the pressure to publish.

Notes From a Manuscript Editor: Why Inclusive Language is Important

You’ve gone through round after round of review, revision, and editing. After all that, a new editor is telling you that some language needs to be adjusted, some words capitalised, and others avoided. Manuscript editor Kristin Clay tells you why.

Smashing the Myth of Fact-Based Journalism

In journalism, facts and opinions must be kept separate. In this Featured Article, the writers call into question this doctrine by examining the practice of quoting in Helsingin Sanomat’s reporting of the US presidential election.

Open Access Christmas Gift Suggestions

Christmas is upon us and NordMedia Network takes the tabloid opportunity to recommend Christmas gifts for yourself, your friends and family.

A Nordic Effort to Fight Disinformation and Information Disorder

Anja Bechmann of Aarhus University's Datalab heads the NORDIS consortium, which consits of both academic and non-academic partners. We sat down to have a quick chat with Bechmann about their collaboration.

Why are We Acting Against the Pandemic, but Not Against the Climate Crisis?

In the MUCS project researchers from Norway and Denmark aim to analyze how people face crises on a daily basis with an abundance of information in various media channels. We had a chat with the PI.

Monitoring, Profiling and Searching for Contacts: Scholars on Social Networking Sites

Our newest webinar dealt with a question that is of constant concern for media researchers, too: how to use social media as a scholar in an effective and impactful way. The half-day drop-in webinar was first of its kind, and we are eager to develop this format further.

Who Is a Nordic Media Researcher?

NordMedia Network is a platform dedicated to Nordic media researchers. The definition of Nordic media research involves three central, and not very simple, questions: What is "media research"? What does "Nordic" mean? And, finally, what counts as "research"?

Notes From a Manuscript Editor: How to Make Your Research More Discoverable

Once your article is published, the work isn’t over. There are several actions that can be taken by you, your editor, and the publisher to increase the discoverability of both you as a researcher and your publication.

Media Technology in Everyday Life: A Struggle and a Comfort

Media technologies can be a struggle for many. Two guest editors of a recent Nordicom Review special issue, Stine Liv Johansen and Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke, pinpoint that it is almost possible to opt out, but people can decide the extension and role that technologies play in their everyday lives.

Peer-Reviewed Perspectives into Nordic Media Research: The Danish Encyclopedia

The Danish researcher community can brag about a media and communication encyclopedia in their own language, consisting of over 600 entries altogether. We met the editors to discuss how to keep up with a rapidly changing research field.

Who Are the People Behind the Algorithms?

Jakob Svensson, Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Malmö University, is the author of a book just published by Nordicom. The title of the book is Wizards of the Web: An Outsider’s Journey into Tech Culture, Programming, and Mathemagics. Johannes Bjerling, editor at Nordicom, discusses the book with its author.

An Academy for All: A Mentorship Initiative for Early-Career Researchers

The national Swedish researchers' association FSMK is launching a mentorship initiative for early-career researchers who identify as women. According to the initiators – five professors – the programme is a response to needs identified in research on unequal career paths.

Binge-Watching and the Transformation of Quality Television

A recent Nordicom Review article looks back at the cultural consecration of serial television in Swedish newspapers and explores what the process reveals about the transformation of television in Sweden.

A (Love) Letter to Hackademics

Dear you who are working at the university as an "adjunct lecturer", "lecturer" or "university teacher": this is a letter for you. NordMedia Network wants to thank you for the hard work you've been doing in teaching, as it is widely known that you seldom receive letters of admiration at the end of the academic year.

How and Why Google Gives You Such a Hard Time

While accepting Google's terms itself is uncomplicated (just click “I agree”), understanding what one accepts is trickier. Bjarki Valtýsson, author of a recently published Nordicom Review article, talks about Google's terms post-GDPR.

Academic Summer Readings in Scandinavian Languages

Can you read media research in Scandinavian languages? This is for you – we plunged into some recent literature from the academic publishers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Long-term Audience Work: Promoting the Research Published

A researcher's work does not stop where the work gets published. Today's scholars are increasingly expected to initiate and be involved in post-publication processes aiming at increased impact. We wanted to share some hints on how to do it wisely.

Correspondent on the Campus: More In-Depth Journalism on Science?

A Finnish newspaper placed a news correspondent at the campus. Does this imply quality science journalism and more in-depth coverage on research, or more promotion for the university? Is this a new innovation that more newspapers should follow?