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My PhD: Studying Political Communication in Iceland – in London

Jón Gunnar Ólafsson moved from a small state to a large state to study a small state. In the article series My PhD, he tells us how it was to study at Goldsmiths at the University of London.

Researching Celebrities in Digital Media: Interview with Helle Kannik Haastrup

NordMedia Network will begin a series of person portraits of the network members who are Nordic media research. The series is initiated with an interview with Helle Kannik Haastrup, a Danish scholar specialized in celebrity culture.

Academic Book Reviews – a Low-Rank Genre?

NordMedia Network launches an online resource to support the production of academic book reviews. Our point of departure: re-new the review! We suggest that book review is an overlooked genre with importance and relevance for many, and that it should be re-discovered.

Classless and Free? Special Issue Editors on Media and Class

What is it that makes us wince and avoid talking about class? The editors of an upcoming special issue of Nordicom Review put their minds together to discuss the concept of class in Sweden.

Beyond the Big Four: Media Systems in “the Other” Nordic Countries

Professor Ida Willig discusses how media system theory applies to the smaller Nordic Countries and autonomous regions, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sápmi and Åland, based on the newly published special issue of Nordicom Review.

My PhD: Navigating Passion and Pressure in Academic Life

Two weeks before defending her PhD thesis, Johanna Arnesson was told by her doctor that she should go on sick leave. Unfortunately, studies show that she is not the only one in academia to suffer from health problems caused by unreasonable work-related expectations.

Exploring Doctoral Networks: Should There Be a Nordic One?

NordMedia Network's first webinar for doctoral students and junior scholars dealt with PhD students' networking skills. In attachment to this webinar an idea came up: why not start a Nordic doctoral students network?

New Nordicom Book in Political Communication: Eli Skogerbø on Building Resilient Democracies

Nordicom starts off the new year by publishing a new anthology, Power, Communication, and Politics in the Nordic Countries. The book is critical reading for those interested in political communication in the Nordic countries.

Doctoral Research in 2020: What Did the New Nordic Doctors Study?

In 2020, there were more than 70 doctoral theses published in the field of media and communication research in the Nordic countries. What did the newly graduated doctors study?

My PhD: From a Distance Teacher to a Video Researcher

"Previously, I thought that there were only minor differences between teaching on campus and teaching at distance." Lena Dafgård describes her journey from a an educational practitioner to a researcher with an interest in video.

My PhD: Weaving the Web of an Article-Based Doctoral Thesis

Our new series "My PhD" is written by persons who have recently defended their doctoral theses at Nordic universities. In the first essay, Eliisa Vainikka from Finland discusses the challenges of an article-based thesis.

Travels of a Disciplinary Foreigner

We cannot travel abroad at the moment, but we can take ourselves on imaginary journeys in the trails of classic Romantic travellers. Let yourself get inspired with Jan Gustaffson, associate professor at the University of Copenhagen.

Searching for Sustainability in Journalism

In the 21st century, the economy, practices, contents and values in journalism have to be re-thought. Nordic scholars and educators are now increasingly engaged in the work for the future of journalism, under the umbrella and key term "sustainability".

How to Compare the Many Internets of the World? Scholars Suggest a New Way

How to compare communication systems in the internet? In a recent article in Nordicom Review, two Danish researchers lay out a way ahead to measure the structural conditions for digital communication, leaning upon Hallin and Mancini's ideas of understanding media systems.

Notes From a Manuscript Editor: What You Should Know about Preparing Your Manuscript

Academic writing probably undergoes more rounds of writing and rewriting, review and revision than any other form of writing. This is what you should know about preparing a manuscript.

How to Get Together Online: 9 Pieces of Practical Advice on Organizing a Webinar

Academic webinars – online live events – have become commonplace. Here are some practical details that you should take into account as an organizer, speaker and participant of a webinar.

The Enriching and Hilarious Fieldwork: Experiences from Researching Video Game Regulation Among Immigrant Parents in Norway

Data-collection can be enriching, stressful and hilarious at the same time. Carol Azungi Dralega recalls what it required to arrive at an abundant dataset from a focus group interview with diasporic digital migrant parents.

Public Debates and Parenting Paradoxes: Studying Digital Technologies in Early Years Education

National policies of pre-school education underline the potentials of digital technologies when it comes to both general education and digital literacy, but the public as well as professional debate on the issue is ambiguous and dispersed.

Need-based and Multi-dimensional: Media Education for Older People

People over 65 years of age are a highly important and interesting group from the perspective of media education research and practice. Päivi Rasi discusses how research can prevent possible exclusionary effects.

Studying Psychological Defence: Lessons Learned from the Cold War

Fredrik Stiernstedt, associate professor at Södertörn University, calls for more Nordic comparisons on direct influence from defence and national security interests on the early academic media research.