Strengthen Our Community by Contributing News and Announcements

The NordMedia Network team works continuously to develop the website and fill it with relevant content for the Nordic media and communications research community, but in NordMedia Network, your input has special value for your peers.

We greatly appreciate those who take the opportunity to make us aware of open Calls for articles, chapters and proposals, conferences and webinars, as well as vacant positions. But we are also always on the lookout for thoughts and suggestions on how to improve NordMedia Network, and that is why we encourage and facilitate your contributions.

How to contribute

The easiest way to contribute to the community is at the Contribute section on our website. You access the section from the very bottom of the front page. You can also save the URL in your favourites to not forget it.

When you arrive in the contribute section, just choose the form for your contribution:

  • upcoming conferences
  • calls for papers
  • news input
  • vacant position
  • ideas or feedback

Each form is a little different, but asks for exactly the information we need to process your input further for the rest of the community. And if it doesn’t, we’ll get back to you with the e-mail address you provide in the form.

It is also possible to contact the NordMedia Network editorial staff directly at This applies especially if you have published an Open Access book.

What we do when you have contributed

When you contribute with information about upcoming conferences, calls for papers or vacant positions, we will first make sure the conference, call or position is relevant for the Nordic media and communication researcher community and within the profile of, before editing it into our web templates and publishing it. Some contributions also reach our bi-weekly newsletter.

If we receive news or (an idea for) an essay, it is presented to the editor-in-chief. When the idea has materialised, often in dialogue with the editorial team, the piece is made accessible on the main page and in the news section by the managing editor. News and essays are normally also published in our social media channels, and often in the newsletter.

Any ideas or feedback provided by the community is much appreciated, and will be followed up on by the editorial team. We follow up on smaller issues and easy-fixes, whilst more significant changes are followed up on in our long-term planning.