Journalistica is a peer-reviewed journal for research in journalism. The journal publishes articles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

Aims and scope: “Journalistica welcomes articles on journalism research, understood as an interdisciplinary field where different disciplines contribute to studies and critical discussions of journalism. Based on a wide range of theories and methods, the typical contributors are journalism, communication and media researchers, as well as politologists, sociologists, ethnologists, historians, linguists and rhetoricians. The research questions that are formulated and answered deal with the journalistic practice and culture, including, for example, journalistic roles and norms, media institutions, media economics, media politics, media content, media genres and the languages of media.”

Frequency: 1 issue per year

Launched: 2006

Peer reviewed: yes, double-blind review

Open access: yes

Languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English

Genres: research article

Length of research articles: 8,000 words (including the list of literature, abstract and references)

Reference style: APA style

Book reviews: no

Publisher: Centre for News Research at Roskilde University, Denmark

Venue of publication: Roskilde

Publication level: 1 in Norway, 1 in Finland

Indexing: N/A

Author Guidelines