130 Norwegian researchers met in Stavanger

An award ceremony, keynotes, and ten different divisions were on the agenda, as the Norwegian media researcher conference attracted 130 participants to Stavanger in October.

This year’s Norwegian media researcher conference addressed the dynamics that unfold between various social, political, civil, and cultural institutions as society becomes computerised. Keynote speakers were Axel Bruns, Raul Ferrer-Conill, and Ragnhild Olsen, who in their own way addressed what computerisation means for media companies, the public, and society in general. The conference, held on 13–14 October, attracted about 130 participants, distributed across ten divisions.

I am happy that the participants found the keynotes interesting, and that the work in the groups was constructive. For me, it was two inspiring days. It was particularly nice to organise the conference for the first time in Stavanger”, organiser Helle Sjøvaag summarised.

Keynote by Axel Bruns, “The Filter in Our (?) Heads: Digital Media and Polarisation”

At the conference dinner, the Norwegian media researcher association awards were announced. Jack Pocaluyko received the award for the best master’s thesis. The award for best scientific article was received by Arnt Maasø and Hendrik Storstein Spilker for the article “The streaming paradox: Untangling the hybrid gatekeeping mechanisms of music streaming”. Gunnar Iversen received the dissemination award, and the honorary award was given to Trine Syvertsen.

Photo by ThomasWolter via Pixabay