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An international conference on the regional magazine

Magazines are usually associated with the metropolis, with capital cities, and with national and international movements and identities.


The 2024 IVSA conference is dedicated to exploring the concept of “visual accountability” .

 The 5th International Celebrity Studies Conference: Celebrity Crises and Conflicts

Celebrity Crises and Conflicts

PoP24 Conference

Power of Prestige: Media, Fame and the Environment

Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) conference

This year’s conference theme is Borders and boundaries in/across discourses.

Power of Prestige (PoP24) Conference: Media, Fame and the Environment

Prestige is the status or reputation associated with renown, acclaim or glamour.

DNDIPVAC 2024 - Changing Discourses in collaboration with the Discourse-Pragmatic Variation Network & Change and DiscourseNet

The aim of the conference on changing discourses and discourse-pragmatic variation is to explore the ways in which language use shifts and evolves over time.

Translating Critical Data and Algorithm Studies into Impact

How can scholars within critical data and algorithm studies influence people and organizations to think about datafication in a different...

The Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) conference

The biannual conference focuses on contextualized information activities, expressed in different forms such as ‘information behaviour’, ‘information practice’, ‘information seeking’, ‘information experience’ and others.

MeCCSA Conference 2024

This event brings together experts from various fields to discuss and explore cutting-edge research, developments and insights in the realm of media and communication.

International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture

Fourteen panels will discuss the general conference theme on “The Irreplicable Human/-ities?” reflecting different fields and inter-/disciplinary approaches of relevance to religion, literature, and culture.

10th European Communication Conference (ECC) 

The organizers call for proposals that contribute to reconsidering communication and social (dis)order from various perspectives represented by ECREA Sections, Networks, and Temporary Working Groups.

Intersectionality in Discourse, Literature, and Culture Studies

International Multilingual Multidisciplinary Conference of The English Department On Intersectionality in Discourse, Literature, and Culture Studies.