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Part of the Urban Futures – Cultural Pasts Conference

Every region of the world has its particular cultural, social and artistic heritage.

The 2024 International Conference on Social Media & Society

For 2024, the #SMSociety conference will return as an in-person event.

EASST-4S 2024

The 2024 quadrennial joint meeting of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and the Society...

Translating Critical Data and Algorithm Studies into Impact

How can scholars within critical data and algorithm studies influence people and organizations to think about datafication in a different...

Nordicom invites doctoral students to join a workshop on academicpublishing.

Publishing in international journals is a given for researchers. Nevertheless, it can often be difficult to get an overview of the range of journals and to understand the different steps involved in the publication process.

The Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) conference

The biannual conference focuses on contextualized information activities, expressed in different forms such as ‘information behaviour’, ‘information practice’, ‘information seeking’, ‘information experience’ and others.

2024 MeCCSA PGN Conference

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association
Postgraduate Network Conference 2024
Edinburgh Napier University
Merchiston Campus


Old and New Science Fiction Imaginaries in English-Speaking
Cinema and Television
La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

European Symposium of the History of Audio Drama 2024

The goal of this symposium is to inspire discussion between scholars and producers of radio dramas to have an overview of these national pathways, and to gain insight into the new national and international rediscovery of the genre.

MeCCSA Conference 2024

This event brings together experts from various fields to discuss and explore cutting-edge research, developments and insights in the realm of media and communication.

International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture

Fourteen panels will discuss the general conference theme on “The Irreplicable Human/-ities?” reflecting different fields and inter-/disciplinary approaches of relevance to religion, literature, and culture.

Intimacy, Risk and Resilience in Online Dating

This one day conference brings together researchers and practitioners with expertise in the fields of relationships, online technologies, sexualities and sexual health.

ECREA Audiences 2024 pre-conference

Young people and news: Breaking boundaries across Europe.

Women and Leadership in the Creative Industries: An interdisciplinary symposium

Leadership and management in the creative industries has been a matter of some concern in recent years.

Women and Leadership in the Creative Industries: An interdisciplinary symposium

This is an in-person event, with an online pre-symposium event offering an opportunity for virtual contributions.

Citizenship in the Digital Media Sphere

This conference endeavours to juxtapose traditional and emerging manifestations of political leadership, strategy, and agenda-setting within a contemporary milieu characterised by intense competition for public attention and ideological filtration.

10th European Communication Conference (ECC) 

The organizers call for proposals that contribute to reconsidering communication and social (dis)order from various perspectives represented by ECREA Sections, Networks, and Temporary Working Groups.

ECC2024: Introducing Pre-conferences

Before this year’s 10th ECREA European Communication Conference hosted in Ljubljana from 24-27 September 2024 eight different pre-conferences will take...


The 2024 ATGENDER conference aims to explore the theme of Gender Studies and the Precarious Labour of Making a Difference: (Un)paid Jobs, Internships, and Volunteering in the Worlds of Activism, Profit, and Non-profit.

Beyond Play

The International conference Beyond Play