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The NordMedia2021 Registration Re-opens on 1 June

Due to technical issues with the registration process, the opening of the NordMedia2021 registration has been delayed until 1 June. The early bird period has been extended to 28 June.

A Good Peer Review: Hands-on Suggestions from Journal Editors

A well-written peer review can push a research article from being simply promising to publishable. How to do that? We asked the journal editors.

My PhD: Studying Political Communication in Iceland – in London

Jón Gunnar Ólafsson moved from a small state to a large state to study a small state. In the article series My PhD, he tells us how it was to study at Goldsmiths at the University of London.

The NordMedia2021 Conference Will Be Held Virtual

The NordMedia Conference will be organized in an online form instead of being an onsite conference. The planning committee assessed that there are too many uncertainties to organize an onsite conference.

Researching Celebrities in Digital Media: Interview with Helle Kannik Haastrup

NordMedia Network will begin a series of person portraits of the network members who are Nordic media research. The series is initiated with an interview with Helle Kannik Haastrup, a Danish scholar specialized in celebrity culture.

Abstract Proposals for the NordMedia Conference Reviewed

The abstract proposals for the upcoming NordMedia Conference have now been reviewed. Personal notifications have been sent to those accepted and rejected.

Academic Book Reviews – a Low-Rank Genre?

NordMedia Network launches an online resource to support the production of academic book reviews. Our point of departure: re-new the review! We suggest that book review is an overlooked genre with importance and relevance for many, and that it should be re-discovered.

Eugenia Siapera – Keynote Speaker at NordMedia2021

A preliminary conference program for NordMedia2021 is set. Professor Eugenia Siapera from University College Dublin will hold the keynote lecture. The conference will also include a panel discussion focusing on the resilience of different types of media systems.

Classless and Free? Special Issue Editors on Media and Class

What is it that makes us wince and avoid talking about class? The editors of an upcoming special issue of Nordicom Review put their minds together to discuss the concept of class in Sweden.

Beyond the Big Four: Media Systems in “the Other” Nordic Countries

Professor Ida Willig discusses how media system theory applies to the smaller Nordic Countries and autonomous regions, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sápmi and Åland, based on the newly published special issue of Nordicom Review.

Over 430 Submissions to the NordMedia2021 Conference

The NordMedia2021 Conference received 432 submissions in total. Among these, 62 were assigned to the doctoral preconference. The extended submission deadline for the conference, to be held in Iceland, was on 10 March.

A Free Tool for Monitoring Gender Equality in News Media

Women are still are underrepresented in the news across the world, and the Nordic countries do not make an exception. To make it easier to measure and compare media gender equality, a group of researchers at the University of Gothenburg has developed an open dataset.

Extended Deadline for the NordMedia Conference

The deadline for the NordMedia 2021 conference call for abstracts has been extended. The new deadline is March 10th. The same deadline applies to the doctoral pre-conference. In May, a decision will be taken whether the conference will be a virtual or an onsite event.

My PhD: Navigating Passion and Pressure in Academic Life

Two weeks before defending her PhD thesis, Johanna Arnesson was told by her doctor that she should go on sick leave. Unfortunately, studies show that she is not the only one in academia to suffer from health problems caused by unreasonable work-related expectations.

Exploring Doctoral Networks: Should There Be a Nordic One?

NordMedia Network's first webinar for doctoral students and junior scholars dealt with PhD students' networking skills. In attachment to this webinar an idea came up: why not start a Nordic doctoral students network?

Webinar for Doctoral Students and Job Changers

Preceding the NordMedia Pre-Conference 2021 in Reykjavik in August, Nordicom will organize a webinar for doctoral students in media and communication research. Christopher L. Caterine, the author of the recent book Leaving Academia, will discuss how doctoral competences can be an asset at the job market beyond academia.

New Nordicom Book in Political Communication: Eli Skogerbø on Building Resilient Democracies

Nordicom starts off the new year by publishing a new anthology, Power, Communication, and Politics in the Nordic Countries. The book is critical reading for those interested in political communication in the Nordic countries.

Doctoral Research in 2020: What Did the New Nordic Doctors Study?

In 2020, there were more than 70 doctoral theses published in the field of media and communication research in the Nordic countries. What did the newly graduated doctors study?

My PhD: From a Distance Teacher to a Video Researcher

"Previously, I thought that there were only minor differences between teaching on campus and teaching at distance." Lena Dafgård describes her journey from a an educational practitioner to a researcher with an interest in video.

NordMedia2021 Call for Abstracts is Open

The NordMedia 2021 conference call for abstracts is now out and will open for submissions in January 2021. The biannual conference will take place 18–20 August 2021 at the University of Iceland in Reykjavík.